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Democratize the music industry and Professionalize independent artists nationally and internationally optimizing and linking tools with technological platforms and artificial intelligence, raising the economic income of members of the music industry in long term.


The best worldwide tool for artist development in the music industry.


"Pro Indie Music has helped me grow with my band and has shown me good opportunities according to our level"

 Lunaem, MEXICO

"In the year we have been working with them, they have helped us close the most important shows of our career so far."

Mambe & Danochilango , DENMARK

"Thanks to Pro Indie Music we play at one of the most important festivals in Mexico, they know exactly what is best for you."


"They are excellent, they know perfectly how to take you by the hand in the music business."


"They are an excellent platform, I feel very grateful to Pro Indie Music, their couching has helped me a lot, they are always happy to help you and find the ideal opportunities for your project, anyone who wants to professionalize their career, I recommend them."

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